"Innovative products cannot only be developed at a desk, a direct practical link is an absolute must". So says Axel Böger, founder of the Böger enterprises who, among other things, is a master bricklayer and concrete worker and knows the daily façade design problems and questions that arise from his own experience.

Axel Böger 2 The link with practical applications is the most important part of our company philosophy: Success is only possible with products and services which are useful for developers and house builders. The essential benefit is the economic advantage.

Anyone today who needs durable, timelessly designed or designable surfaces and above all a feasible, rational clinker design, with find a sophisticated range of products at Böger.

This wide range includes a diverse selection of standard clinker system products; but the company also provides high standard, specially produced shapes and forms as solutions for virtually all conceivable individual problems.

Product availability, delivery, installation and on-schedule reliability, extraordinary sales and applications support from field and office-based employees are our most important concept. It goes without saying that all clinker system products are subjected to high quality standards and therefore guarantee you maximum safety and security.

True to our motto: "Altes erhalten und Neues gestalten" ("preserve the old and design the new") we do our best to help both developers and house builders, designers, users and the trade.


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