1988 The firm was established by the present day qualified business administrator, Axel Böger. Since then Böger Fassaden & Bauelemente® has stood for innovative clinker insulation technology and has become renowned throughout Germany for its high quality insulation materials and the latest innovations. In the branch we set standards by consistently fulfilling the individual requirements of our developers, designers and architects. The success of our clinkering system of buildings throughout the whole of Germany and the trust shown in the company by its large customer base have been the basis of the firm's steady and healthy growth.

1992 Opening and start of production of moulded and special components at the Bad Freienwalde location in the state of Brandenburg, accompanied by extensive expansion of the production and storage capacities there.
Böger's premises is in the middle of the Märkischen Oderland district, in the immediate vicinity of Berlin and Frankfurt/Oder. This region is characterised by its outstanding history. Clay has been quarried here since the middle of the 15th century and in clay tiles and clinker bricks were fired here in the development from a scove kiln method to the clay brick barn through to Hoffmann's circular kiln.



1999 Construction and extension of a new production hall.
The constantly growing thermal insulation standards and need for renovations or reinstatement are an incentive for continuous investments. Due to its technical competence "in all aspects of clinker systems" the company gains supra-regional significance.



2002 Starting up of new, modern production plant with a daily capacity of 800 elements.
A milestone in the company's history is the development of a fixing sleeve for the Böger-Systemklinker®, for which a patent application has been filed. The marketable product range is based on many years' practical experience of applications and techniques and forward-looking further development of clinker systems. The result of adequate experience, a motivated team of employees, as well as strategic corporate management has made the Bad Freienwalde works one of the most efficient and productive companies in the branch.

2004 The Böger Group, consisting of Böger Fassaden & Bauelemente GmbH and Böger Systemklinker Produktions GmbH considers itself to be a booster for PUR clinker insulation technologies and is now one of the leading producers of polyurethane based clinker systems. Combined with an extensive logistics structure, Böger is a recommendable, competent partner for the realisation of clinker insulation projects. A large number of sales partners, both national and international, trust the experience the company has gained.

2008 company anniversary 20 years Böger Fassaden & Bauelemente GmbH

2023 Fire Safety of Façades

Façade fires do not occur often (in comparison to other major structure fires)but in recent. years there have been a number of spectacular façade fires in high rise building. Requirements to the Böger-System built on large scale fire testing may decrease the risk of these types of fires provided that the building is constructed according to the specifications provided by Böger-System. building class 4-5 (building of medium height: top from the floor of the top store > 7 m and ≤ 22 m) is the normal of the mounting.                                                                             





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