.....for old buildings, prefabricated houses
and new buildings

Böger - Systemklinker

Böger-Systemklinker® protects load-bearing walls against weather and environmental influences and therefore protects the interior against heat, cold and wetness. This increases the life of your house considerably.

Böger-Systemklinker® is an all-round thermal insulation that you can rely on.
Our full thermal insulation system applies the ideal physical principle of external insulation. The thermal insulation of a house has the purpose of delaying the transfer of heat from the inside outwards in winter and from the outside inwards in summer.

The Böger-Systemklinker® is permeable to the air and ensures an all-round better living climate and thus additional quality of life.

The Böger-System makes it possible to face the walls of old, prefabricated and new buildings cleanly, easily and economically with the additional effect of thermal and acoustic insulation.

Böger-Systemklinker® are a natural composite made from the thermal insulation material polyurethane and high-quality branded clinkers.

The Böger-Systemklinker® is attached directly to the outer wall with dowels, without any preliminary work, and is then manually jointed.

In conjunction with our broad selection of formats and colours, the number of individual combinations is almost unlimited.

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